September 2015

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An interesting statistic to bring to your attention is that the Santa Barbara median price of a home so far this year has dropped by 5%. If we break it down by price range and sales, with entry-level being under $1.5M, mid-range between $1.5M and $4M, and high-end over $4M we can see that sales in both the entry-level and high-end have increased this September over the same time last year, and mid-range sales have actually dropped by more than 50%.
At this month’s recently held Federal Open Market Committee meeting the U.S. central bank declined on raising interest rates. This is a blessing for entry-level buyers making purchases in Santa Barbara with financing. There are just two more meetings left in the year for the FED to raise rates, and many are

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The highest price ever recorded for a one bedroom condo at Villa Constance North in Santa Barbara happened last week. All parties involved in the transaction, including myself as the listing agent, worked very hard to accomplish a successful closing. Although prices in Santa Barbara have in general not yet reached the level seen during the last peak of 2005, which are still about 10% off, this particular sale was made possible through the efforts of an exceptional local portfolio lender and several other dedicated local service providers.

There have been more potential hoops to jump in the past decade when buying or selling a property than at any time in history. With so many market variables to negotiate it most often takes a good team to successfully

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It’s September 1st and with kids back to school and Labor Day around the corner this time of year is a transition period for many people and businesses. So what type of transition is the real estate market in for in Santa Barbara? While June and July has seen an increased number of closed sales versus the past couple of years, the number of closed sales in August has dropped off quite a bit. On the other hand the number of homes currently under contract is considerably higher than in years past. According to the number of pending listings the amount of closings for this September could end up being one of the highest since 2005.

There’s certainly been much talk over the past month regarding the economy and interest rates. With seemingly more

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