August 2015

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With inventory dropping in all residential categories (homes, condos and land) for the fourth straight week in Santa Barbara it may take a buyer longer than expected to find the right property. In-between searches is a great time to take advantage of the area’s continuing activities and comfortable summertime weather. To browse through an extensive list of reoccurring and scheduled activities in and around Santa Barbara for the remainder of the summer click here.

When focused on the activity of locating property for sale in the currently low-inventory market I appreciate the opportunity to assist you in making your search as thorough and successful as possible. Thanks for sending in your most important inquiries.

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Buyers, sellers, lenders, insurance companies, Zillow, and many other entities are interested in making home comparisons for many reasons. In Santa Barbara the task of comparison can be more complicated than in other communities where land values, views and factors such as proximity to ocean and mountains don’t play as big a role. When using comparison to estimate a property’s value one can be totally misled. There are some very important considerations to take into account when comparing homes in Santa Barbara. Following are some of the most significant that are very often overlooked.

Not all measurements are created equal - Tax assessors, appraisers, and those doing quick estimates measure the outside of a house, adding a lot of space that’s not

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