November 2014

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Given the rapid pace of things in the world today it seems like it’s now necessary to plan ahead just to keep up. The Santa Barbara real estate market is starting to experience more buyers who are planning to purchase their next primary residences well ahead of time. With rents at all-time highs, interest rates at near all-time lows, and prices still off of near future projected peaks, the idea of purchasing now rather than later makes sense, especially for buyers in the downsizing category.

Take for example the new Santa Barbara condo listing at 2727 Miradero Drive #213. A four percent 30-year fixed rate loan with 30 percent down payment yields monthly payments of approximately $1.600 (principle and interest) plus $440 (property tax) plus $460 (HOA

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Technology provides us with a lot of great ways to view places and things like we’ve never been seen them before. Sometimes frustrating because of their unfamiliarity and complexity, many advanced technologies have recently become more user friendly and worth the small learning curve to enjoy all of their benefits.

In the world of real estate Google has for some time been taking satellite imagery to new levels along with making accessibility easier than ever. If you have not experienced Google Earth recently to look at close up aerial views of your favorite properties you may want to try it.

Google Maps has for many years allowed you to pin down a location with extreme accuracy, along with navigation tools to access it from any other point of

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