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The Santa Barbara area is a great place for celebrities to spend their time, away from the hustle and bustle of life in the spotlight. Being only 90 miles away from Hollywood the connection is a quite natural one. Santa Barbara was in fact the movie making hub of the United States alongside Hollywood with the Flying “A” Studios and now hosts the Santa Barbara International Film Festival which is taking place this year from Jan. 24th to Feb. 3rd.

Over the years Santa Barbara has seen its share of celebrities purchase homes in the area. Big stars include Jennifer Aniston, Jeff Bridges, John Cleese, Kevin Costner, Tom Cruise, Ellen DeGeneres, Bo Derek, Kirk Douglas, Robert Duvall, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Rob Lowe, Steve Martin, Brad Pit, Whoopi

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Santa Barbara and surrounding communities are well known for their incredible weather, great beaches, spectacular scenery and friendly residents. Within Santa Barbara’s populace are many beautiful areas to consider when purchasing a home, each with their own unique attributes. When deciding where to purchase there are many factors to take into account, including price. For a general idea of real estate cost differences in and around Santa Barbara the following figures provide a good guide. Listed for each area is the average cost per square foot of a single family home, calculated over the past year, along with the average cost of a 2,000 square foot home.

Santa Ynez Valley - $298/sq.ft. - $596,000

Goleta North - $391/sq.ft. - $782,000

Goleta South

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As we ring in the New Year there are still many properties in Santa Barbara that were priced in 2012 and are now available in 2013. With a large number of sellers waiting until later in the year to put their homes on the market now may be the perfect time for buyers to cash in on currently available properties that were priced last year. Most of the sellers I’ve talked with who will be listing soon plan to price roughly 10% higher than sales of similar properties in 2012.

An indication of buyers getting a jump start on this good timing can be seen by the amount of increased activity in December. Even though the number of available homes during the month was down 22% compared to the year prior, the number of homes which went under contract increased

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